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Camp Barry is an all volunteer based 501(c)(3) non profit located in Crescent City, California.

We specialize in taking litters of unwanted, neglected and abandoned puppies. We have also pulled older medical dogs and puppies from our local pound, we have provided a safe space for dogs to stay and decompress until they can be transferred to another rescue and if we have space available we do take owner surrenders.

To us it doesn't matter where they come from or how long they will spend with us, all we know is they NEED and DESERVE a safe, loving and nurturing environment until they can find a forever home or be transported to a rescue out of our area. 

Camp Barry has saved hundreds of dogs and puppies since we began our mission in January 2018!

We work on social skills, positive reinforcement, potty training and show them what it is like to live in a home with a family. We try to set each pup up for success and teach them skills that they can take with them when they are adopted into their forever families. 


These are some of the lucky pups that have passed through our home.