*UPDATE 5/4/20* Babs had a meet n greet today and they loved her! She is now pending adoption and we will be scheduling a home check later in the week.

Age: 5 to 6 months

Breed: Mom: boarder collie - Dad: lab/shepherd/patterdale mix (one of her siblings had a DNA test done and this is the information that was given)

Potty Trained: Yes, although we do still have random accidents in the house. She has been very good about going outside to do her business and has not had any accidents in her crate during the night!

Crate Trained: Yes

Babs has an amazing, loving personality! She is full of puppy energy but knows when to settle in for movie/snuggle/quiet time. She gets along great with our pack and resident cat! She absolutely LOVES to be included in her humans everyday life, she is a loyal companion! 

She knows basic commands sit/down/leave it/stay but her leash skills are hit and miss, some days she will do amazing and other days she will cut you off (or herd you in a different direction) this mainly happens when she is in an unfamiliar area for the first few times. She is very food motivated and wants to learn!

Babs has a hard time meeting new people, she is very untrusting and requires time to warm up but once she knows that you are friendly her true personality will shine through!